Learned Pigs in America


1797. June 24. [Philadelphia] The Learned Pig removed.  The docility, tractability,, and sagacity of many animals, such as the dog, horse, and elephant, has been such a theme of conversation as the stupidity and stubbornness of the Pig has been proverbial.  This little animal forms an exception to the general rule …

1797. July 25.  [Philadelphia] OBSERVE. The proprietor of the LEARNED PIG, at the express desire of the citizens of New York, is intent on leaving this town soon, but proposes to stay a short time longer … to be seen every day from 8 o'clock in the morning till one … at No. 219 South Second Street, opposite the middle of the New Market. N.B. The same pig was shewn in London at half a crown each person.

1797 August 23. [New York]. For this week only … that great Phenomenon in Nature, the LEARNED PIG, to be seen at Mr. Martling's Long Room, No. 87, Nassau-Street … also the Writing Figure, will this evening resume her pen, to which we will add the CELEBRATED TURK, the grandest mechanical experiment ever attempted, and whose abilities have never yet failed to excite wonder and astonishment of every Spectator … The whole to conclude with a SHADE, who will dance a HORNPIP equal to any Dancing Master, on the TIGHT ROPE.

1797 Sept. 13.  [New York] The proprietor of The LEARNED PIG, Respectfully acquaints the Public, that articles which was to oblige him to leave this city by the 11th instant, have been given up … he will therefore continue to exhibit as usual at Mr. Marling's Great Room, No. 87 Nassau-street.

1797 Oct. 2. [New York?] Mercantile Advertiser, "The Learned Pig" - chance to see greatest phenomenon of Nature"

1798. Jan. 9.  Massachusetts Mercury. The Learned Pig! Mr. Pinchbeck, respectfully informs the Ladies and Gentlemen of Boston … that he has just arrived in this Town from New York with that very great natural Curiosity, The LEARNED PIG, which was lately brought from England, and purchased at Philadelphia, for One Thousand Dollars … and is exhibited every Day (except Sundays) from 9 o'clock in the morning to 9 in the Evening, at Mr. Bowen's Hall, under the Columbian Museum.

1798 Feb. 26 Farmer's Weekly Journal (Walpole, NH) Address to Mr. Pinchbeck, Proprietor of the Learned Pig," a poem.

1798. Feb. 21. A Curiosity without Deception, The PIG of Knowledge, is removed to Forbes & King's Tavern, late Valentine's, Market-Square … Mr. PINCHBECK, respectfully informs the Inhabitants of Boston

1798. March 10. Massachusetts Mercury. Mr. Pinchbeck respectfully informs the inhabitants of Boston, that the Exhibition of the Pig of Knowledge, will positively close next Saturday.

1798. March 12. The Rev. William Bentley of Salem visits the Learned Pig in Boston: "I went to Boston to attend a Committee of the Grand Lodge. Upon my arrival & for a moment's amusement I visited the Learned Pig & the exhibition greatly exceeded my expectations. It was taught to discover the cards, to assort the letters of words, & to bring numbers for any purpose."

1798, March 17.  Newport RI. By Permission, THE LEARNED PIG.  Mr. Brigsgaw respectfully informs the Ladies and Gentlemen, and the Public in General, of Newport, that he has just arrived with that great natural curiosity, THE LEARNED PIG …. at Mr. Benjamin Reynolds's, Corner of Ferry Wharf Lane.

1798. May 4. Mr. Pinchbeck respectfully informs the Inhabitants of SALEM ...

1798. May 11. Rev. Bentley notes "The Learned Pig does not find great encouragement to stay in Town."

1798. May 25. Bentley writes "The Pig of Knowledge has left the Town. The Dog went before him."

1798. Date? Pinchbeck exhibits his Pig in Newburyport, MA.

1798. Sept. 8. Providence Gazette. Mr. Pinchbeck respectfully informs the Ladies and Gentlemen of Providence and its Vicinity, that he has just arrived in this Town with that great natural Curiosity, the ORIGINAL AND REAL PIG OF KNOWLEDGE … at the Sign of the Golden Ball from Nine in the Morning till Nine at Night

1798. "Savannahians flocked to see a "Learned Pig" and a "Learned Dog" perform in Gunn's Tavern in 1798" (mentioned in Savannah in the Old South)

1799. Jan. 13.  Charleston City Gazette. The Learned Pig Returned. Dick, begs leave to acquaint the Ladies and Gentlemen of Charleston, that he once more intends …. at his old Apartment, in Jessop's Hotel, Broad-Street, to contribute … to their amusement. Mentioned again in 1804. Shown at the Washington Race Track.

1799. Jan. 22. Columbian Museum and Savannah Advertiser. The Learned PIG removed.  To the Lovers of Science and Novelty. Just arrived in Savannah. And to be seen for a short time only, at Mr. Arthur Hamilton's, Market-Square, The justly celebrated and Wonderful Working PIG of KNOWLEDGE, from London … who when at Philadelphia performed before President Adams, and family, with great applause, when the President expressed his entire approbation of the exhibition by sanctioning the same throughout the United States …

1799. August 1.  Philadelphia. A curiosity in which the public will not be disappointed, The Learned Pig, To be seen at the sign of the Black Bear, in Market street near 5th street. The extraordinary sagacity of this animal is too well known to need a vain, puffing allusive advertisement …

1801. Feb. 5. A CURIOSITY, in which the Public will not be disappointed. The Learned PIG. To be seen at Messrs. Conrad and McMun''s Tavern in the City.

1801 Feb. 24. Alexandria Advertiser. A CURIOSITY, In which the public will not be disappointed: The Learned Pig, to be seen at Mr. Charles M'Knight's sign of of the Spread Eagle, corner of King and Royal Streets … the sagacity of this PIG is equal, if not superior, to any animal ever exhibited in America …

1801 June 27. [Hudson NY Balance, and Columbian Repository] rept. in Alexandria Advertiser. THE LEARNED HOG.  ARRIVED, very late in this city, properly escorted, a hog, of great learning and accomplishments.

1801 July 30. [Albany NY Centinel]. A Curiosity in which the Public will not be Disappointed: The Learned Pig, to be seen at Peter G. Waldron's, at the Sign of the Anchor, in the Colonie.

1802. Seeing is Believing. The Learned Pig, to be seen at the New-England and Jersey Hotel, No. 5, Courtland-street, every evening (Sunday excepted).

1803 The "Learned Pig" astonished the visitors at the Rising Sun Hotel, Market Street, Philadelphia, by telling the time of day, distinguishing colors, counting the company present, etc. When, in 1803, one of these educated grunters was on exhibition at the Centre House, the Aurora made the remark that "within four years four learned pigs have been exhibited."

1806 Dec. 11. Alexandria Advertiser.  The Learned Pig, now grown to be the Wonderful Hog. The Public are respectfully informed, that the Learned Pig is to be seen at Mr. John Bogan's, Spring-Garden.

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